The ASCIMER project is conducted by professors from different departments and research centres of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM) with demonstrated experience in the areas of applicability of Smart City projects.

UPM is the oldest and largest of the Spanish Technical Universities. UPM currently has more than 3,000 faculty members, around 38,000 undergraduate students, and around 6,000 postgraduate students. The UPM Schools cover mostly Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science and Geodesy & Cartography. The UPM has a strong commitment to R&D and Innovation. The UPM has more than 200 Research Units and several Research Institutes and Technological Centres.

Much of the history of Spanish technology for over one and half centuries was written by the Schools of Architecture and Engineering of this university.  All the important figures in teaching and research in Spain passed through the university as students or lecturers.

UPM is working in different R&D activities related to solve present and future city challenges. It offers a multidisciplinary vision of cities that allows an integrated approach to the Smart City development.





Fiamma Perez

Fiamma Perez holds a MSc Civil Engineer and she is PhD candidate in Transportation Engineering.

She also holds a MSc in City Sciences, an advanced program with a holistic approach to urban development considering issues such as planning, energy and environment, transport and mobility, sociology and governance, economics and, technology and infrastructures.
Her research activity has been focused on urban mobility management, socioeconomic evaluation of projects and project impact assessment with a special focus on the development and appraisal of sustainable urban policies, the quantification of urban transport emissions and the analysis of ICT impacts in urban mobility.
She has worked as a consultant for the World Bank for the Transport&ICT Global Practice and she has been involved in different European and Spanish R&D projects


Guillermo Velazquez holds a MSc in Civil Engineering, specialized in Transportation

He also holds a MSc in City Sciences, an advanced program with a holistic approach to mobility, technology, urban planning, energy, environmental issues, governance, economics, and infrastructures that are the core of city well-functioning. Currently he is a PhD candidate at TRANSyT involved in different European and Spanish R&D projects, with his research work centered on ITS and urban mobility management; developing studies on user preferences and smart mobility solutions, as well as smart city strategy and project assessment. Between 2012 and 2014 he held the position of strategic analyst for the sectors of Transportation, IT and Smart Cities in the Spanish multinational Indra.


Victoria Fernandez-Anez holds a MSc in Architecture, MSc in Environmental Architecture, MSc in Urban Studies and a PhD candidate in Sustainability and Urban Refurbishment.

Her research activity is focused in the development and assessment of sustainable urban policies, public space management and analysis of technology implementation effects within cities. She is currently working as a researcher at TRANSyT and she has a wide experience in research projects and teaching activities. From 2010 she has been collaborating in the Urban Planning Department in the Architecture Faculty of UPM. During her professional experience she has been involved in different European and Spanish R&D projects related to Urban planning and Sustainbility




Prof. Andres Monzon as the Research Program Coordinator and responsible of the Mobility field.

Prof. Monzon is a Civil Engineer and holds an MSc in Transport and Urban Planning and a PhD in Transport. He is the Director of TRANSyT (Transport Research Centre) and Professor of Transportation Planning at the Civil Engineering Department, UPM.

His main areas of research are Sustainable Transportation Planning, Transport Demand Management and Urban Public Transportation. He has published 43 books and chapters of books, 50 papers in scientific journals, 64 papers in international Conference Proceedings and 48 in national Conferences and Symposiums. He has been supervisor of 24 doctoral theses. Furthermore, Prof. Monzon has participated in 66 research projects, 35 as director.


Dr. Rosa Arce responsible for Integral Socioeconomic Development

Dr. Arce is a Civil Engineer. She graduates in the Centre for Environmental Management and Planning (CEMP), University of Aberdeen, in Environmental Impact Assessment. She holds a  PhD in Civil Engineering.

She has over 25 years of experience as a project manager, and as a specialist advisor and peer reviewer in such areas as impact prediction and interpretation methodology, alternatives evaluation and the integration of sustainability in urban and regional planning an infrastructures decision making. She was General Director at the Foundation for Industrial Organization (EOI) in Spain.



UPM Expertise


Prof Javier Uceda responsible for Networks and Institutional Relationships

Prof. Uceda holds a MSc. and PhD. in Electrical Engineering  from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain in 1976 and 1979 respectively.

He is currently Full Professor in Electronics in the Automatic Control, Electronic and Computer Engineering Department at UPM.

Prof. Uceda has published more than 250 papers in international journals and conferences and he holds several national and international patents. He has long experience in a number international Committees and Associations. During the last fifteen years, Prof. Uceda has occupied a position of maximum responsibility in the University administration. He was Vice-President for Research (2000-2004) and President (2004-2012) of the UPM.

He is currently General Coordinator of the UPM Initiative City of the Future.


Dr. Jose Manuel Vassallo expert in financing and socioeconomic evaluation of projects

Prof. Vassallo is Associate Professor at the Transportation Department of Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, and a member of the academic staff of the Transportation Research Centre (TRANSYT) where he leads the transport management and financing research area.

His research activity during recent years has been focused on transportation management and financing, infrastructure regulation, socioeconomic evaluation of projects, and public-private partnerships

He has worked as a consultant for the Government of Spain for the design of concession contracts and procurement mechanisms. He has also worked for several institutions

such as the World Bank, the Government of Chile, the Andean Corporation of Development, and the European Conference of Ministers of Transportation and the European Investment Bank.


Dr. Jose Maria Lapuerta responsible for Urban Development and Planning

Prof. Lapuerta received his  Architecture degree in 1983 and PhD degree in Architecture in 1996, both from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). He is Full Professor of the Architecture School at UPM. Professor Lapuerta has taught graduate and postgraduate courses at ETSAM, as well as PhD courses

His professional interests cover a broad spectrum of aspects related to urban planning and housing, including design, construction and environmental issues. He has participated in several projects within the framework of European and Spanish public funded R&D programs, as well as in consultancy contracts for private companies. His work has been widely published in national and international journals and he has published more than 15 papers in international journals. Professor Lapuerta is author or co-author of six books. He has directed more than 25 PhD Thesis and is currently Director of 12 PhD Thesis in progress.

Since June 2013, he coordinates the Urban Planning Area of UPM’s research initiative on “Cities of the Future” and he is Director of the Master in City Sciences of UPM.

maria-eugenia lópez lambasDr. Maria Eugenia Lopez Lambas as expert in public policy and governance

Prof. Lopez started her career as a Lawyer specialising in Administrative Law and Civil Law. This was followed by a PhD in Law. In 2000 she became a Land Transport Specialist and joined TRANSyT. She is Assistant Professor of Transport and Transport Economics at the Civil Engineering School (UPM), teaching doctorate courses on Sustainable Mobility Strategies as well.

She has been involved in different R+D and she was awarded Consultant Support for the Implementation of the ELENA (European Local Energy Assistance) Facility in Spain, Portugal and Italy (2010) by the European Investment Bank


Dr. Manuel Alvarez Campana responsible for Public Services and Utilities

Dr. Manuel Alvarez-Campana holds a MSc and PhD degree in Telecommunication Engineering, he is Associate Professor at the Telematic Systems Department of Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM).

His professional interests cover a broad spectrum of aspects related to communication networks and services, including design, dimensioning and performance evaluation issues. He has participated in several projects within the framework of European and Spanish public funded R&D programs, as well as in consultancy contracts for private companies.

Dr Alvarez-Campana is author or co-author of more than 50 professional publications in journals and conferences, and three books. He coordinates the Smart City Services Area of UPM’s research initiative on “Cities of the Future”.


Dr. Oscar Garcia responsible for Energy and Environment

Prof. Oscar Garcia holds a Ms and Ph.D. at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Full professor at the Industrial Engineering School.

His research activity has been focussed on energy systems and electrical converters such as rectifiers, dc-dc and inverters. He has published more than 230 technical papers mainly in IEEE conferences and journals. He has directed 6 Ph.D. Thesis, and 50 Bachelor + Master dissertations


Dr. Claudio Feijoo responsible for cross-sectorial ICT

He holds an MSc and PhD in Telecommunication Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) where he is currently Full Professor and serves as Deputy Director of the Research Centre on Applied Information and Communication Technologies (CeDInt). He also holds an MSc in Economics (specialization in quantitative economics) from Distance Learning National University (UNED), where he is invited lecturer in digital economics. He is as well guest lecturer at IE Business School (ranked no.1 in European MBAs according to Financial Times in 2012) in digital business. 

Dr. Feijoo has been part of more than 100 research and know-how transfer projects (with main leading responsibilities in half of them), both public and private, for the most relevant organizations and firms of the information and communications technology sector in Spain, in Europe, north of Africa and Latin America. He leads theTechno-Economics research group at CeDint (Research Centre for Smart Buildings and Energy Efficiency).


Dr. Sergio Ramos as expert in cross- sectorial ICT

Dr. Ramos holds a PhD and Master in Telecommunications Engineering (UPM), MBA (Stockholm School of Economics) and Degree in Advanced Management (IE Business School). He is taking part in some of the most relevant current research programmes in Spain (social media, smart cities and future technologies for the tourism industries) as member of the Techno-Economics research group at CeDInt.





Expert Reference Group

  Amman (Jordan)  University of PetraAmman (Jordan) - University of Petra Helsinki (Finland) VTTHelsinki (Finland)- VTT franciaLyon (France)- ENTPE
 malagaMalaga (Spain)Municipality  Milan (Italy) UniversityMilan (Italy) University. Tangier (Morocco) Urban Agency of TangierTangier (Morocco) Urban - Agency of Tangier
  Vienna (Austria)  TUWienVienna (Austria)- TUWien    
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