Focus Group 1: Key elements of Smart City projects

2 hours


Main Objectives:

  • Understand what a Smart Project is.
  • Determine which are the elements that make a Project Smart
  • Differentiate city-level projects and user-level projects (top-down vs. bottom-up initiatives)
  • Establish what kind of projects are going to be evaluated by the ASCIMER methodology.


Participants: 37
  • 8 Representatives of industry leaders
  • 10 Representatives of city council ICT divisions
  • 10 Researchers in Smart-related fields
  • 2 Members of Financial institutions
  • 7 Students


  • Sergio Jara (U.Chile)
  • José Miguel Fernández Güell (UPM)


Round table schemes:

1st Focus Group Guidelines

1st Focus Group Synthesis


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