The 3rd ASCIMER Smart City Workshop took place in Casablanca on the 10th and 11th October and leveraged the participation of the project’s Expert Research Group that provided their expertise from cities all around the Mediterranean, and from the north of Europe.

The event was organized together by the EIB, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and TRANSyT, having as supporting institutions Société d’Aménagement Zenata, Union for the Mediterranean, CMI and MedCities. Therefore the subject of the event was Smart Cities in the Mediterranean Region and more specifically the assessment, implementation and financing of smart city projects.

The afternoon session on the 10th of October consisted of a summary of ASCIMER work, integrating Smart City projects in the local agenda and the explanation of Zenata project with its evaluation with ASCIMER methodology.

The 11th of October consisted of two distinct sessions:

  • A morning session where topics related to Smart City projects, such as Capacity Building, territorial cohesion and the way forward in Smart City development, were discussed and studied through selected cases.
  • An afternoon session which consisted on a workshop to discuss the governance of Smart City projects in the Mediterranean. The different stakeholders (municipalities, organizations, experts and researchers) that attended the event were divided into three groups: two of French speaking and one of English speaking.

You can download here the program with the lectures that were held

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