The 2nd ASCIMER Smart Cities Workshop took place on the 25th and 26th of November 2015, joining academics and municipality representatives to discuss Smart City Projects in the Mediterranean Region and to validate the Assessment Methodology developed by the UPM team, and supported by the European Investment Bank.

The workshop has been organized together with the 7th MEDACITY Forum within the frame of the 9th Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders in Barcelona, Spain. The events brought together corporates, politicians, representatives of multilateral agencies and international institutions, offering an exchange of experiences and consolidating the Euro-Mediterranean integration and collaboration.

The afternoon session on the 25th of November consisted in a meeting with Experts in the field of Smart Cities, the presentation of the ASCIMER Assessment Methodology and its work progress, and then a discussion and feedback on the contents of the work conducted so far. It allowed for an elaborated range of perspectives from various Mediterranean Regions.

The 26th of November consisted of two distinct sessions:

  • A morning session that gathered members from various municipalities from the Middle East, as well as a number of experts. Some of the municipalities shared the on-going projects in their cities, and discussions were built upon both the nature of these projects and their correlation with the ASCIMER methodology and conducted works, followed by group discussions divided into English and French speaking groups.
  • An afternoon session, organized by the 7th MEDACITY Forum, and which consisted of a number of presentations by various experts and professionals

You can download here the program with the lectures that were held

Workshop 2: Smart city projects in the Mediterranean region

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