The first ASCIMER workshop took place in La Granja (Segovia, Spain). With the participation of several experts from different fields and countries who shared the experiences in which they had been involved on the Smart City field, both in the academic and professional world.



One of the lectures  presented partial results from the EIBURS ASCIMER research project, setting a discussion on what does the concept of Smart City imply, what does it embrace and where can Smart Cities help foster a more sustainable urban development model.


The importance of the Smart City model was also shown through the vision that important organizations like the European Investment Bank have. Or how different cities are organizing themselves when designing and planning their Smart transformation, achieving synergies from their efforts to become Smart.


The Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI) was represented in the workshop by the city of Santander, whose major is RECI’s president. The city’s ICT leader told us about the city’s organization, goals and achievements up to now.


Case studies were discussed with a realistic and multidisciplinary approach taking examples from both northern and southern Mediterranean cities like Milan, Lyon, Wien, Valencia, Tangier or Amman.


Some of the cities were starting the implementation of Smart initiatives, while some others were already in a more developed phase, offering a wide perspective of the Smart city.


You can download here the program with the lectures that were held



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