2 hours


Main Objectives:

  • Define different ways to assess Smart City Projects
  • Describe the key factors that have to be taken into account when evaluating projects.
  • Differentiate city-level projects and user-level projects (top-down vs. bottom-up initiatives)
  • Provide information to develop the assessment questionnaires that will be distributed to city stakeholders.






  • 8 Representatives of industry leaders
  • 7 Representatives of city council ICT divisions
  • 11 Researchers in Smart-related fields
  • 3 Members of Financial institutions
  • 7 Students


  • Sergio Jara (U.Chile)
  • Mario Aymeich (EIB)


Round table schemes:

2nd Focus Group Guidelines

2nd Focus Group Synthesis



Latest news

  • 3rd ASCIMER Workshop Open or Close

    The 3rd ASCIMER Smart City Workshop will take place in Casablanca on the 10th and 11th October and will leverage the participation of the project’s Expert Research Group that will provide their expertise from cities all around the Mediterranean, and from the north of Europe.

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  • 2nd Ascimer Workshop Open or Close

    2nd ASCIMER Workshop

    Smart City Projects in the Mediterranean Region  


    The 2nd ASCIMER Smart City Workshop will take place in Barcelona on the 25th and 26th November and will join academics and municipality representatives in order to discuss Smart City Projects in the Mediterranean Region in order to validate the Assessment Methodology developed by the UPM team with the support of the European Investment Bank.

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  • Studentship opportunity Open or Close

    Funded PhD-Studentship opportunity in the context of a research program under the European Investment Bank University Research Sponsorship (EIBURS)

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  • La tecnología en la mejora de la vida urbana Open or Close

    Un equipo multidisciplinar de la UPM obtiene una subvención del Banco Europeo de Inversiones para investigar el uso de la tecnología en la mejora de la vida urbana.

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